Friday, March 7, 2014

This whole roommate situation is turning out to be ridiculous.It ranges from she’s concerned if my room is clean (which actually it is) to her not concerned about her dog pooping on the floor all the way to blaming me for almost ruining a friendship of hers because I “had the nerve” to tell her to walk her dog more in front of her friends, WHICH MIND YOU I asked RIGHT AFTER the dog poops in front of her friends. 
Now this pooping thing is a common occurrence and it’s COMPLETELY unacceptable, but says that since I’m her roommate, I have to help her out by walking her dog. It’s her dog and NOT my responsibility! I was kind enough to do it a few times for her, but her dog still poops in the house even when I walk her, so it’s not helping, but now she’s hung on the fact and thinks that I need to help her out because “roommates split 50/50” And when I told her it’s not my job or responsibility she then tells me I have to deal with the dog crap. At this point I threatened her that if this keeps happening I will call animal control and that set her off the handle and now constantly reminds me that it was unacceptable to threaten her with animal control to which I remind her it’s unacceptable for her dog to be pooping everywhere. 
But this woman has no job. She’s only has enough money to pay three months rent and this is her last month and to get herself too and from appointments and has no money to hire a dog sitter/walker or vet visits. I’ll try to take a picture at some point maybe, but supposedly this dog a toy poodle but it looks like a hairy mutt. It looks very sickly to me and constantly smells (Which she claims to not smell anything) Not to mention this dog hardly has any leg hair and spends a lot of it’s time chewing on it’s legs. Is that even normal?
But since Sunday things have just been spiraling down hill and I’m just so very frustrated right now.

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