Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So today, another story about how some singer here lost weight and my mother had to tell me about it. At some point, she stopped telling me anything, but from time to time, there is news about some woman losing weight, be her a colleague or sb famous, and naturally, I have to be told “It is possible to lose weight very easily and to keep it off” as in you have to do it too. You can do it, only you do not want to, that’s the message that I am being sent and it pretty much annoys me. But I’ve gotten used to it, so it doesn’t bother me that much, but still.
I love her very much and she supports everything I do, but still, this thing annoys me. Like, I am gonna be 24 next month, I think I understood after a lifetime of being called all the names under the sun that I AM NOT THIN. Yeah, I got that,  I FUCKING KNOW THAT, IT IS OBVIOUS.
However, I am at a point in my life, where I really really love myself after years of thinking I am and look the worst. Naturally, I have ups and downs, sometimes I feel very beautiful and sometimes I feel very ugly, but I love myself, I think I am ok and I will keep thinking this way. I love what I do at the uni and this year, I have to write my Master’s thesis. I love the subject I chose, so I’m focusing on that. I feel freer than I’ve ever been, I love the fact that it’s gonna be spring, warm, sunny. I have lots of ideas on my mind and so on. Plus, I feel very good in terms of health. I didn’t even catch a cold this and last year.
Why the fuck has my worth to do with my weight? I know she just mentioned it, but still.
Let all the people in the world lose weight, let them do whatever they want, it’s just that it isn’t my business, nor I think it should be hailed as something I dunno out of this world. It is for that person, nevertheless, but glorifying something like that everywhere - in the papers, magazines, TV - that’s what I don’t understand.
People are worth it if they are thin, fat, in between, whatever they are. They are worth it just by being who they are. No measurement, number on a scale is defining for a person. What they do, their thoughts, their work, the way they treat people, that is important. In the end, that matters. When you draw the line, the most important thing is what you did, not if you were thin or not while doing it.
Just my opinion.
Sorry for the long rant and thanks for reading.

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