Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Revelations (5/30)
Previous and present presence set,
Precedence over preference,
Of face painted whores and printed portraits of presidents.
A bullet in every barrel, how bout a game of Russian roulette?
Predisposing us to never tread of the edge of the pheasants nest.
Parentless peasant heads, 
imbedded with baby steps
To becoming societies slave, caged in our own circus net.
Blacks and whites still separate, 
This the world we’re living in,
Hypocritical Christian men, neo-nazi degenerates.
Spoon feeding our children to swallow the sin of men,
To kill each other and see who has, the thicker skin.
Land that Jehovah never left?
We listen to someone we’ve never met,
That kills all our people, and allows for sex offending reverends.
It never ends.
Sweating like a nervous wreck,
Stressing like a perverts next,
Victim while he’s skipping through your sacred text.
There’s a endless stairway to heaven yet, each of us is missing a leg;
Tears of led, years that bled into each over like a virgins bed. Dead.
- The Voices.

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