Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You know I wish people didn’t get so caught up in a perfect girl that society had made. I’ve always thought it was ridiculous but it’s hard not to fall into the pressure of being perfect. I’m skinny but I don’t feel skinny enough, I don’t have much of a thigh gap. I don’t have very big boobs. My eyes aren’t the same they aren’t a very pretty color. My hair isn’t always “styled” perfectly. I don’t always where makeup. I cry myself to sleep sometimes. All I do is compare myself to the “perfect” image an can I just say FUCK YOU SOCIETY BECAUSE YOU’VE DONE THIS TO PEOPLE THAT I KNOW ARE BEAUTIFUL EVERYONE. Your weight doesn’t matter, don’t worry about how you dress or how much money you have because guess what, you’re all still BEAUTIFUL ALL OF YOU!!!

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