Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What if, on their first tournament ever as kids, Haru is upset because his parents didn’t show up to see him, but he doesn’t want anyone to tell how sad he is (especially Makoto -but of course he can), so he’s extra quiet and serious. And when he’s preparing for his race, he hears people screaming his name and he turns to where the voices are coming and it’s the Tachibanas with the babies and Papa Tachi is smiling and pointing at a camera and Haru gets all flustered!
Hours later, everyone is reunited in the Tachibanas house and Haru’s mom is hugging him tight and apologizing because the flight was so late and she missed her baby winning his first medal and everyone sits down to watch the footage and Makoto keeps pointing out how Haru-chan is the best swimmer and “did you see that, uncle? he looked so cool!” and Haru’s dad is a bit quiet too, so he just nods proudly and Haru feels so happy be could cry and later he and Makoto end up falling asleep on the tatami while touching eachother’s hand-ugh

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