Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kids get shit done.
Story time! About a week or so ago, i was skyping my 5 year old step brother who lives with his mom way down south. And he likes drawing with me anytime he visits, so whilst on skype he says, “Wakoh!” (he cant say Nicole) “I want to make you a letter!” and so he scribbled on this piece of paper while saying:
"Hi Wakoh,
I want you to come play with me at mommy’s house. I like being your little brother.
Love Jay* “
(* = not his actual name.)
And I, being the punk bitch i am, nearly cried on the call. He then proceeded to draw us on the back, fold up the paper, put it in a pink bag, asked me how to spell my name while writing it on the bag, and said “I want to send you this.” and I said “okay, ask your mommy to send it.” and she gave him kind of an “okay sure honey i will” as if just to play along with him. So i didn’t think anything of it
….Until just now.

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