Friday, March 7, 2014

Aww Fuck, Not Another "Heartbreak"
Ok so honestly this is a topic that I don’t give a fuck about because I’ve dealt with it before and I’ve prepared myself on how to deal with it. So to all the people who “love” someone and stuff happens and well yeah :/ this is for you dumbasses, but more specifically this is for my younger cousin because she just went through her first “heartbreak” -.-.
This shit is going to happen and there’s nothing you guys can do about it; its just another thing people have to fo through in life. I’m not going to say that there won’t be more heartbreaks and that it will get better because honestly there’s going to be so many more and they’re all going to fucken hurt like a bitch. So why be crying over just one of these … I say instead of mopping around everyone should just eat their feelings out!! Its a good idea it really is. It’s just that people need to quit getting so worked up over these shitry things called “heartbreaks” because your heart sure as hell ain’t breaking. If it was you would be dead and I would be the slightest bit happier ^~^ as bitchy as that sounds its the truth. So I just tell people this “Get over it. Obviously they’re not the ‘one’ and neither is the next person or the one after them so deal with your ‘heartbreak’ some other fucken way”. Cuz oh no its another fucken “heartbreak” Sincerely, Emochic001

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