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For the fist time here is another story more tragically and painful...You would love to hate this father this...I don't know for the first time I don't have words for describe you this read it and you will be sorry for that girl,amazing story for how mach fathers can be good and bad in the same time :'(

Daddy and I
He pulls me into the room and covers my eyes with his big hands.
“No peeking baby.” He whispers huskily into my ear, making me shiver in anticipation. 
“Now, I’m going to pull my hands off your eyes princess, do not, and I repeat do not, open your eyes. Is that understood?” He asks with his strong dominant voice. 
“Yes sir.” I whisper softly, biting my lip. His big hands run down my neck and slide down my shoulders. As he does this, he lightly slips the straps of my dress and bra down slightly.
“You’re going to love what I have in store for you, my beautiful little girl.” He says; he squeezes my hands and breathes out,
“Open your eyes now baby.” I comply and open my eyes immediately. I blink a couple times adjusting to the dim lighting and my breath catches in my throat as my eyes widen in amazement.
“Holy shit!” I say softly. He lets out a chuckle behind me. 
“Do you like it baby?” He coos, brushing my long hair away from my neck as he begins to trace my neck with his lips. I bite my lip hard and nod my head enthusiastically. I feel his lips tug into a grin and my lips stretch out into a smile as well.
“You’re one cheesy motherfucker babe. This is like a spit image of what corny books say about couples having sex at a hotel.” I tell him, giggling softly. 
“Hey, I tried okay! And I know you hate roses but you said you like this, so don’t be a little bum.” I look over my shoulder and grin at him. Looking back to the bed and bite my lip seeing the heart made out of rose petals and the candles around the kind sized bed. He spins me around to look at him. Please don’t have some cheesy background porn music when we have sex, I think to myself. He tilts his head to the side looking into my eyes. 
“If you’re thinking that I have background porno music going to play at any given moment, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not that lame babe.” He smirks at me, I breathe out a sigh of relief. 
“Thank god.” I mutter under my breath. He glares playfully at me and suddenly lifts me up over his shoulder. I let out a shriek of surprise and begin to hit his back. 
“Put me down!” I demand, laughing. 
“Okay.” He agrees and drops me unceremoniously on the bed. I let out a huff and smooth my hair back down making him chuckle.
“That wasn’t nice daddy.” I mutter, crossing my arms over my chest and looking away from him. His deep rumbling laugh begins to make my heart flutter in happiness. He catches my chin and makes me look at him. His hazel eyes looking into my chocolate brown eyes in adoration. 
“You’re so beautiful.” He states softly, tucking a loose strand of hair away from my face. I blush softly and bite my lip. 
“Thank you.” I reply shyly. Climbing on the bed, he grips my body with one arm and pushes me up to the middle of the bed. He looks into my eyes with a deep emotion and crashes my lips against his and grips my body to his for dear life. 
“I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.” He breaths against my lips. His eyes swims with lust and love as he gazes at my face. I whimper as he grazes his lips against mine and doesn’t kiss me. 
“Daddy please.” I beg softly making him respond immediately, tangling his hand into my long dark hair and kissing my passionately. My hips begin to grind into him making me feel his prominent arousal poking me. My arms loop around his neck and I pull him closer wanting all of him around me. He starts kissing down my chin to my neck in order for the both of us to catch our breaths. 
“John.” I moan breathlessly as he sucks at my neck. He slides his hand to my back and unclips my bra; he slides down the straps of my bra and dress slowly, kissing every inch of skin he exposes. I let out a small moan as his fingers trace my bare skin; he grips my bare breasts and squeezes softly as he sucks my neck. 
“Fuck, you smell amazing baby girl.” He tells me, his warm breath fanning my already heated body. I gasp loudly as he presses his hard cock against my soaking pussy. 
“How much do you need me baby?” He asks huskily, covering my body with his.
“I need you so much baby. I need you to fill my little pussy up with your huge dick. I need you to make me cry out your name and have everyone hear how much pleasure you give me. I need you to make my body quiver and shake with each thrust. I need you daddy. I always will.” I reply softly. He let’s out a groan and kisses me hungrily grabbing at my curves and pressing me tightly to him. He bunches up my dress over my waist to expose my black lacy thong; he tugs them to the side and rubs my swollen clit. I cry out against his lips and he smirks rubbing me faster; I whimper softly and grind against his hand. 
“You’re already so wet for me baby.” He comments, feeling my warm wetness coating his fingers. He dips them slightly in my heated entrance and I let out a groan and lifts his fingers up to my face. 
“Taste.” He commands. I look up at him and open my mouth, taking his fingers into my mouth. I suck my sweet juices off of his fingers seductively; he moans and I feel his huge erection twitch for me. 
“You love the way you taste. Don’t you baby girl?” He questions. 
“Yes sir.” I reply happily. He lowers his body down on mine. 
“Do you want daddy’s big dick now baby?” He asks, squeezing my thighs lightly. I groan loudly and my pussy starts throbbing. 
“Yes sir.” I manage to reply; he smiles down at me and gets back on top of me. He strips off his blazer and dress shirt, unbuckles his pants and shoves them off. I moan loudly as I see his massive cock protruding out of his boxers. I reach out and grab it through the material and guide him to my eager pussy. He chuckles and slips his boxers off making his huge cock spring out for me. 
“God you’re so huge daddy.” I compliment as I squeeze his hard cock. He groans softly and starts rubbing his dick on my pussy; lubing up with my juices. 
“This is all yours baby.” He replies, pressing into me making me gasp. 
“And I’m all yours baby. Always will be yours.” I answer breathlessly. 
“You’re so fucking sexy. I love watching your reactions to every touch, kiss, lick and thrust I give you. You drive me crazy when you cry out my name. I love you so much baby girl.” He tells me. I bite my lip and blush totally speechless grinding my throbbing pussy on his massive cock. 
“Are you ready baby?” He asks huskily. I bite my lip and nod my head. 
“Please?” I mouth. He kisses me softly and grips his huge dick and positions it at my soaked entrance. He looks at me and slowly slips inside of me. 
“Fuck! You’re so tight baby.” He groans out, gripping my waist. My back arches and I moan loudly. Suddenly he thrusts as much as he can inside of me making me screams out loudly in pain and pleasure. He stays there for a bit making me adjust to his size. I clench my pussy around him making him moan loudly. 
“Baby don’t do that, you’ll make me just want to fuck you and I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” I whimper loudly and start moving my hips. 
“Maybe that’s what I want.” I comment seductively. He groans loudly and picks up the pace, thrusting in and out of me faster and faster. I grab his hand and put it at my throat; he moans loudly knowing what I want. He squeezes my throat as he begins to fuck my tight little pussy, I gasp and moan louder and louder. He squeezes my throat tighter and he flicks my clit with his free hand; my back arches off the bed and I cry out loudly clutching the sheets. He lets out a sexy grunt and fucks me harder making his cum filled balls slap against my ass. 
“Daddy! Oh fuck, John!” I cry out breathlessly. He goes harder and gets rough. 
“You love when I get rough like this don’t you my little slut?” He questions.
“Yes daddy.” I reply submissively. 
“Are you going to cum for daddy, princess?” He asks huskily. 
“Yes daddy. Please make me cum and I want you to cum all over my pretty face.” I say breathlessly. He groans and starts pounding into me making the bed shake with each strong thrust. 
“FUCK! Oh my god!” I scream out. He let’s go of my throat and slaps my clit. I jerk at the pain and pleasure and let out a loud moan. He grips my hips and rams inside of me rubbing my swollen clit in the process. 
“Daddy I’m gonna cum! Please make me cum baby, please?” I beg as my nails leave scratch marks down his muscles back. He moans loudly and gets rougher, forcing my legs over his shoulders and gripping my thighs as he pounds into me over and over again. 
“Daddy please!” I cry out. 
“Cum for me. Fucking cum all over my huge dick.” He grunts out not slowing down his pace. I obey an cum all over him, squirming, shaking, moaning and screaming below him. My pussy clenches his massive dick, almost milking him.
“Fuck baby I’m gonna cum. I can feel it.” He groans. I clench my pussy tighter around him, milking his dick. He moans loudly and quickly pulls out and I get lower on the bed with his cock in my face as I suck the head of his cock and strong the rest of his long dick. 
“Fuck baby. You’re gonna make me cum.” He groans, grabbing a fistful of my hair as lightly thrusts in and out of my mouth. I quickly deep throat him and look up at him with watery eyes. He looks down at me and moans out “fuck.” I go back to sucking his cock quickly, wanting every last drop of his warm load. He moans loudly and pulls his cock out of my mouth. 
“Stroke me baby. You want me to cum all over your pretty face don’t you?” He questions. I let out a whimper and nod my head. I look at his throbbing dick and begin to stroke him off to my face. I lick the tip and massage his balls with my free hand. 
“Fuck baby, that feels so good. I’m gonna cum open your mouth.” He commands. I comply and open my mouth, stroking his cock faster making him groan loudly. 
“Please daddy? Cum for me. I want you huge warm load on my pretty face. I want every last drop of your load. Please daddy?” I beg as I stroke him off faster. 
“Fuck baby I’m cumming.” He states, I open my mouth and stroke him off faster, licking his tip to increase the pleasure. I feel his balls tighten and suddenly streams of cum hit my face making me giggle softly stroking him off until there’s no more. I look up at him and place his cock back into my mouth sucking every last drop. 
“Fuck baby girl. God you’re so fucking sexy.” He compliments. I smile up at him and he grips his still hard cock and slaps it on my face lightly. 
“So fucking sexy.” He whispers.

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