Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You Come Home
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You come home, I can tell you have had a rough day by the way you set down your bag. The aroma of your favorite meal begins to break your concentration and you notice I am gently walking up behind you. Without a word between us I spin you around into a firm hug. I hold you tight and can feel just a bit of the tension ease away. The faint smell of left-over cologne is driving me insane and I lightly kiss from your collar bone up your neck and across your cheek before gently kissing your supple lips. I take your hand and lead you into the dining room the lights are lowered and a candlelit dinner awaits complete with a bottle of your favorite wine. We spend the next half hour or talking and laughing.
We head over to the living room and settle in on the couch. The tv is on but I can’t honestly tell you what is playing. I am falling in love again with the most amazing person I have ever met. The weight of his body on top of mine is one of my favorite feelings. My hands are exploring every inch within their reach. I can’t help but pinch and tug on those perfect nipples. I ask if you would like a massage, a gentle nod.
We make our way to the bedroom and I help you out of your clothes. I go and get the lotion and warm it up and when I return you are facedown on the bed legs slightly spread. I remove my jeans but my briefs remain I begin applying the lotion to your soft skin beginning with your neck and upper body and working down your legs and make sure to include your feet. Once completed on that side you roll onto your back. God you are just amazing. Again I start at your upper body and work my way down towards your groin. Special care is taken to avoid that region until the timing is right. Down each of the legs and back towards your center. Your thick cock has come to life and is throbbing in anticipation. Knees spread as a pay particular attention to your taint I gently caress your sack and enjoy the fullness of their contents. I can’t help but to lick them and suck them each into my mouth, tugging gently. I can see your pulsing cock as I begin to tongue fuck your amazing hole. I work my way up to your now leaking cock and begin licking the tip before taking its length into my sucking mouth. I worship this perfection for a while edging you the whole time. I sense an urgency, a need for release, and I gently slide a finger into your hole. It is quickly joined by a second and third before long I am fingering your hole being sure to pay particular attention to your prostate. Each time my fingers pass this precious spot I feel your cock leak more of its nectar. I increase the angle and suck more vigorously causing your whole body to tense and shudder as your hot load into my waiting mouth. A bit escapes and falls onto your pubs. Don’t worry though it is quickly cleaned up before I move up and kiss you passionately
When we finish I snuggle up behind you and wrap my arms around you. My throbbing shaft finds itself lodged between your ass and thighs and despite leaking profusely is quite content with its new found home. Gently I feel your breathing change and I know you have fallen asleep. My angel, asleep in my arms. Safe and warm forever and always.

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