Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Have you ever stopped to think on why Lucifer truly hates humanity?
Think about this:
Lucifer couldn’t stand the idea of his Father, the almighty, He who is perfect and who made everything, create something not divine. How could he? Something not divine and majestic is not worth the Father’s time.
Lucifer noticed all the time God spent in the creation of that trash. Out ofeverything that He could make, all the perfection that comes from His hands, He made something that is dirty, not divine and can even decease, knowing that God made this new race in His own image but impure? That couldn’t be. That wasn’t right. He was jealous because the Father gave a lot of importance to His new creation, His new toys.
Lucifer also felt really angry when he heard that God had even made a copy of their oh so beautiful, perfect and deistic Garden of Eden for these unworthy new creatures and that He even made a planet for them and called it Earth.
He started to think that maybe God, his Father, who he loved over anything and everything, didn’t get enough from the angels. He thought they didn’t fulfill Him. Lucifer felt a horrible feeling of anguish and remorse to think that he didn’t make his Father happy and proud enough He had to make something out of mud.
Lucifer felt disappointed on himself.
Lucifer then started to truly hate the race of men for making him feel like that, like he wasn’t enough for the person he loved above all, and because they were filthy and muddy, impure and disgraceful.
And then he was asked… No, not asked, obliged. He was obliged to love those creatures over his Father under His own orders. He and his brothers were told to protect them.
No. No way. He couldn’t love anything more than he loved his Father! Lucifer saw imperfection where everyone saw a new fabled race. He saw danger and pain. He didn’t want them and yet everyone was praising and loving them. He tried to tell his brothers but none of them heard.
Lucifer went to talk to his Father, bearing a heavy guilt on his shoulders for hating one of His many creations and for not being able to follow His orders because he loved Him too much he could never love anyone or anything more than he loved Him. He felt bad because he couldn’t get himself to do as his Father told, because he couldn’t get himself to like one of His creations after having loved and been charmed by the many others.
He knew men would be a threat to God. He knew men would betray and abandon Him because they were imperfect and blasphemous, impious.
He knew.
He tried to warn Him, but He wouldn’t accept this behavior even if He knew, too, because He knows it all before anything even happens, because He always knows.
God casted His most beautiful, loving and loyal son away. He locked him out of Heaven and enclosed him, for his torment, in the place he hated the most: the Earth.
Lucifer loved God the most and he still waits for His forgiveness. He wants to go back to Heaven and be with his Father.
But most of all, he wants to be asked for forgiveness, because just as he predicted, men abandoned God. He was right and no one listened. Men barely think of God anymore, they barely pray anymore or care for all the things He did for them at all. Men barely know about their Creator’s existence and if they do, they chose not to believe in Him. Even so, God still loves them the most, and that’s what Lucifer cannot stand.
He gave up everything for his Father, and he never got as much love back as he had to offer. His Father chose to be hurt and forgotten by men rather than being loved and respected by Lucifer.
Lucifer hates humanity because they hurt God.
Lucifer hates humanity because they got in the way of him and Him.
But even if Lucifer didn’t follow His orders, he was (and still is) the most loyal to God of them all.

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