Friday, March 7, 2014

my story (this is long so warning!)
my story begins when I first show up at school, I had one friend and he was a boy he was my best friend in the world that was in 1st grade. second grade came really hard for me I got really really sick I thought it was the stomach flu, it wasn’t March break came and i was puking everywhere and losing a lot of weight and couldn’t eat or drink I was in the emergency room and they took a pee sample (tmi I know) and it came back with sugars the the sample so what that means is an organ in my body failed and now I’m a diabetic and I have to take four shots a day no not alcoholic shots needle shots. I always knew I was different from other people but people gave me sympathy and I didn’t like it. this one girl saw how I got attention and how she didn’t have it, so she picked on me she took the few friends I had and took them away. 
in grade five there was this girl who wanted to be friends with everyone so she saw my Bully pick on and me how she had friends she thought she would make some for picking on me. one day we were changing in the change room and she came up to me and started harassing me and not letting me out that lasted for 45 minutes until a teacher came. I swear I was never the same 
6th grade was amazing for me I made tons of new friends and felt confident about myself. me and a group of 5 girls went on a class trip to canadas wonderland (like six flags but for Canada) we were there for half a day and they ditched me all but one. she sat with me on the bus ride home and we took selfies, until I went to the bathroom threw up and hit my head the worst part is on my way back to my seat everyone who bullied me clapped and cheered for me puking. mostly because they thought I was fat. 
7th grade (get ready this is long) 
when I started off in 7th grade everything was fine I was friends with everyone in the class boys and girls spoiler alert I was being played and used as a toy. drama mostly started when the 7 girls split into 2 groups and I was the odd girl so naturally I was in both groups the one group was in my grade other group older the “leader” of my group called the other group sluts and everyone heard so some people from that group went over to the other one including me and told them this was when shit got real my BFF of the time turned on me she ignored me and made fun of me indirectly but right in front of me. we finally had a heart to heart and made up. then I got really sick for a week I could breath or talk, I was the flu so I took the week off people started to think” hey since we don’t like her lets make funof her so she doesn’t come to school” it worked I broke the first time I missed so much school my grades failed and crashed hard. last week me and my friend had a falling out she said I was stealing her place in the group because I said my bully was taking her away from me. my BFF called me bitch selfish and easy which isn’t new cause I always here it from the guys. so today and Yesterday I missed school because I didn’t want to deal with her I made myself puke so I didn’t have to go. I fel like cutting and I’m mentally beating my self up. but here’s the plot twist my “bully” all the times I didn’t talk about her she was my friend I trusted her and she back stabbed me she used me. so here’s my story my whole story why I’m depressed and abusing myself.

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