Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Man i Havent Met Yet
For the man, who will
Take my view
of the glass being half
Empty, he will fill it,
Fill it till its overflowing.
For the man I haven’t met, maybe seen, hell maybe even said
Hello to. Be like Sinatra, serenade my heart under the jazzy
New York moon. Full and bright under the star lit stringed lights
As we sit in a bohemian café.
Where the paint peels and the sultry culture fills the room.
But after all this is only my dream, because we haven’t had
Coffee and haven’t seen the exquisite emotions of the theater,
I haven’t sang to you or read you any of my poetry.
Haven’t shown you the deep rooted passion beneath my eyes.
All the other boys and men ignore,
But you will be the one to adore.
Adore me, and all my bullshit. You see my cursing as cute,
And you’ll tell me I’m the beauty in your life. 
Well sleep in the same bed, but this exciting dream
Stings and digs a hole deeper into my soul.
As other boys taint and miss use my passionate love,
I miss you, but I can’t really deeply know how much
Because I haven’t met you yet.

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